Examples Of My Playing

Spur Of The Moment - Dave Weckl Band

Catchy Dave Weckl Tune - TD-20 Drum Set Used For Recording

Spur of The Moment  

Lakeside Shuffle - Dave Garibaldi

Great power shuffle - Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Drum Set

Lakeside Shuffle  

7 Steps To Heaven - Chick Corea

Great Standard Played on DW Drums - Constantinople Ride & Hats - K Zildjian Crashes.

7 Steps To Heaven  

Color Complex - David Garibaldi Band

Great composition from the Oakland Bay Area. - Roland TD-20

Garibaldi Funk Tune  

101 Shuffle - Dave Weckl Band

Catchy Shuffle Tune - Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Set

101 Shuffle  

Funk Loop - Roland TD-20 Loops

A Funky Loop That Is Part of The Roland Library

Roland Funk Loop  

Hip Hop Funk - Dave Garibaldi

Bouncy Funk-Hip Hop Style Tune - Played With Roland TD 20 Drums

Hip Hop Funk

16th Notes - Dave Weckl Band

Dave Weckl tune played with Roland TD-20.

16th Note Feel